• You must have a current copy of your boat insurance with you at check in at the ramp. Minimum is $300.000 LIABILITY per event same as BASS AND FLW. Contact your carrier to update if needed.
  • Only one fish per angler over 21" (Nebraska Waters) each angler must carry from boat to scales one over 21".
  • Short fish per state law is a 1 lbs penalty and loss of fish.
  • All navigation lights will be working and on at blast off.
  • Late to weigh in site 1 lbs per minute, disqualified after 15 minutes.
  • Life Jackets will be out at all times and on person when boat is above a idle. Disqualification if not followed.
  • All boats will have a working livewell, all livewells and compartments are checked at ramp. NO WATER CHECKS!
  • Dead fish are 1 lbs per fish. You are responsible to keep your fish alive. WNB official will determine if alive or not.
  • Single or Paired anglers only in boat.
  • No LIVE bait of any kind allowed.
  • No pre-fishing FIVE DAYS prior to any tournament date.
  • There is no anchor distance rule but use your best judgement and sportsmanship.
  • If you must put your boat back on trailer for either mechanical or weather related issues the boat may only go back into the water if the boat did not leave the parking lot. If Severe weather is issue you need to take shelter till weather passes and then put boat back in water and continue fishing. If you leave the parking lot area your fishing day is done.
  • You can leave the boat only in case of a emergency. Using a tree on the bank as a Restroom is classified as a emergency.
  • Boater and Partner or Lone Boater must be a pre-tournament meeting before blastoff.
  • Only one limit of fish per boat.
  • Any type of cheating or taking advantage of field including set fish, baskets, barrels, or any form of it will result in disclification and dismissal from trail for life.
  • All fishing and boating regulations follow state laws for which Reservoir is in.
  • If fishing Glen Elder Reservoir in Kansas a special Bass Pass will be needed if required.
  • Recreational activities and boat repairs are allowed on the water after the first tournament day.NO FISHING is allowed of any kind or type during this time on the same body of water tournament is on.
  • If tournament is cancelled you will get entry back except 10.00 which goes to TOC. Tournament will count as official day for TOC.
  • You must be on time at ramp for check in and at pre-tournament meeting. Blast offs will take place 30 minutes before sunrise as conditions allow. If your late and blast off has occurred you will not be able to fish that day.
  • You can pay in advance of a tournament and not show up and it will count toward the TOC. Payment must be in before tournament date or paid at ramp. Its $100.00 per team or $100.00 if lone boater. If only paying for yourself your considered a lone boater. Mail To: BEN PAVELKA, 520 PRAIRIE ROAD, NORTH PLATTE NE 69101.
  • If you participate in a tournament and without your normal partner and that partner wants to qualified for TOC.You will still have to pay as a lone boater the $100.00 to fish per day for that tournament. The no show partner can get counted toward TOC if they pay an additional $50.00 per day which goes into the pot of that tournament. The no shows partner must have this paid at ramp or sent in before tournament to address in rule above.
  • NEW 2018,, Boater or Non Boater can NOT exit a boat to gain access by pushing any boat to waters to shallow for big motor, trolling motor or push pole to access. If you do get stuck you can exit boat to push boat back into water you came from only. No exceptions.

                                                                     UPDATED CHANGES FOR 2020 ONLY!!!!

Due to the COVID 19 virus this pandemic has affected every person and organization in the United States. We must adjust things to make them work and make it safe for everyone. 

For the 2020 season we have to make changes to follow local, state and federal guidelines. As of today 5-2-2020 Nebraska sill has all permitted tournaments on hold till May 31,2020. South Dakota will allow our tournament in June as scheduled and that will be our first tournament. Nebraska we are keeping the same schedule hoping that the state will allow our tournaments starting in July. Big Mac in May is cancelled and wont be made up this year. As you consider fishing these tournaments keep in mind that some local motels and restaurants may still be closed. Hopefully by June things are getting to what our new normal will be. WNB is going to change many things to comply with guidance given to us. Our main goal is to keep everyone safe as possible and these changes do that and sorry for any inconvenience these may cause.

TOC that was scheduled for Wilson Ks  was cancelled and has been moved to Red Willow Reservoir Aug 8 and 9th, 2020. Marina Ramp.

Due to the shortened season and the economic crisis all our sponsors are having there will be NO TOC in 2021. We will pay out 100% of entries at each tournament in 2020.




1. All entries will be mailed in or dropped off ONLY. Entries must be received in mail or dropped off 


ENTRIES GO TO: BEN PAVELKA, 520 PRAIRIE RD NORTH PLATTE NE 69101. Please include a return contact number Ben will let you know he got your entry. Cell phone the best so he can text you. 

2.CUT OFF for entries will be the Saturday before any tournament day. All entry money needs to be CASH ONLY!!! 

3. There will be NO AT RAMP ENTRIES ACCEPTED!!!!

4. Only if a tournament day is cancelled will any refunds be given back for that day.

5. Include a copy of your current boat insurance with entries. No insurance No fish. See above rule on this.


Pre tournament/blast off Meeting

1. Meeting will start at ramp 45 minutes before official sunrise. CST.

2. Blast off will be 30 minutes before official sunrise. CST

3. Keep a SOCIAL DISTANCE while waiting or during meeting.

Blast off Order

1. Blast off order will be from random draw of entry forms received. You will get your blast off number at pre-tournament meeting prior to blast off.

Weigh in

1. All boats will blast off at the same time. The Field will be split into two check in flights.  50/50 as close as we can.  The second flight will check in 15 minutes later than first flight. You will be told what boat numbers will be in later check in flight.

2. First flight needs to get fish to scale asap don’t wait to get boat on trailers unless there is no boat parking. Let first flight get to scales first. 

3. Big fish if you want to weigh it must have a cull tag in that fish before it gets to tank. We will throw tag back at you.

4. YOU MUST USE YOUR OWN WEIGH BAG!!!we won’t be using community weigh in bags. Put lots of water in bags. At Sharpe we will give out bags to use for the year. KEEP THEM we don't want back.

5. Only one person at a time with fish at tank. Everyone else must wait and stay six feet apart.

6. Once at tank a WNB person will take bag and measure fish. At this point the angler must step away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will have the area around tank marked off. 

Thanks Everyone