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Waiver: YOU MUST SIGN, By signing this entry form I person signing for myself or partner I take full responsibility for the well being of myself, my partner and others on water or land. I UNDERSTAND FULLY that NO person, sponsor or tournament organizer staff can be held liable for anything including tickets, fines, personnel injury, death or property damage of any kind. I UNDERSTAND FULLY that I can not bring any legal actions against anyone involved in these tournaments for ANY reason. Your signature is a agreement that YOU will determine your own safety and risk YOU are taking with your life and equipment while on the water. You must at all times protect you, your partner and others while participating which includes weather. If is your responsibility to have insurance in case of a incident or accident. I also state by signing this entry form that I have read and understand all the rules and regulations. If I break the rules I am subject to penalties or disqualification including loss of entry money. Any person can be refused entry into these tournaments for any reason or cause.

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